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The Outliers Online Ongoing Writers’ Conference Is Coming 1-2-24

What is the Outliers Online Ongoing Writers Conference?

Outliers is a group of best-selling, working writers who teach an ongoing series of classes, two each month, month after month. “Working” is the key word here. Our instructors are “working” writers, who continually create and publish stories. Each knows what it means to be a professional writer, understands the rigors of storytelling and getting published, and is dedicated to sharing that knowledge and experience with writers of all levels.

This is the essence of Outliers—writers willing to give back to the community by mentoring other writers, novice or experienced, so they can attain their writing goals.

The classes are online via ZOOM so are convenient. For subscribers, each class will of course be live but will also be available for one week after the presentation in case a class is missed, or if the subscriber wishes to view it again.

Join us and take your writing to the next level.

You can sign up with a yearly subscription and pay all at once (best bargain), or monthly.

Or you can purchase individual classes.

Sign Up Now and get up to 50% off while the Holiday Sale is still available

We kick off on January 2, 2024 at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern with Outliers Co-creator Kathleen Antrim talking about the all-important premise of your story.

Premise: What Your Story Is About: From What If? To Premise--Kathleen Antrim

Before embarking on the writing journey, it's crucial to understand your book's essence clearly. This class offers a specific exercise to eliminate uncertainty and help you define the premise of your story with precision. Following that, we will go through a step-by-step method to structure and complete your first draft. Next, I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to structure and complete your first draft, culminating in a polished final manuscript.

Following that on January 16, Outliers Co-creator DP Lyle will discuss what makes your characters tick.

The Psychology of Character Motivation: Understanding the Whys of Character Thought, Action, and Dialog—DP Lyle

The strength of every story, regardless of genre, lies in the characters that populate the fictional landscape. Developing full, realistic, and believable characters requires an understanding of the psychological drives that push them to act and react.

Why do people love, hate, envy, loath, and need one another?

Why do they steal, cheat, batter, and kill?

Why do they argue, lie, deceive, threaten, and comfort?

The class will begin with a discussion of the basic psychology that drives character behavior and the forces behind conflict and conflict resolution---the driving force behind thought, action, and dialog. Once these are well in hand, we will look at the conflict-driven character arc of famous protagonists and antagonists. You will then be equipped to apply the principles to your own storytelling and produce a manuscript that will attract attention.

Many more useful and fun classes will follow. We have an excellent team of teachers.

Check out the current class schedule:

We hope to see you there.

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